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High Purity cannabigerolic acid (CBGA)

Our product is a microcrystalline powder containing high purity cannabigerolic acid (CBGA) with minor acidic cannabinoids and other natural components derived from industrial hemp. Our extracts are odorless and tasteless, can be easily handled and dosed, and readily integrated into wide range of products.

They can come in either isolate, full spectrum, or broad spectrum ( THC free) form. Clients can also specify custom formulated blends with desired ratio of CBGA and CBG. Although our products naturally come in a powder and acidic form, we can further process it into an oil based form or as activated CBD form.



Can be ground into a fine powder

Extremely easy to handle


product description

CBGA- Mother of all cannabinoids

CBGA is known as the “mother of all cannabinoids” as it is the foundational acidic cannabinoid crucial to the formation of other cannabinoids, including THCA and CBDA. Through decarboxylation, a process where cannabinoids are exposed to heat, CBGA is converted to CBG. However, CBGA has shown great therapeutic potential on its own.


Product highlights


The Characteristics

What are the highlighted characteristic of water soluble CBDA

Interacting with Enzymes
 and Receptors

CBDA delivers its therapeutic power to the body by interacting with various receptors including COX-2 enzymes, that help to modulate inflammation, 5-HT1A receptors, that help to improve mood and nausea, and also interacts with PPARs.

Lower Doses

CBDA and CBD are closely related as CBDA is the precursor to CBD. However in many instances including reducing anxiety and depression CBDA has shown to be more beneficial and the subjects need lower doses of CBDA in comparison to CBD.

More Water Soluble

CBDA is more water soluble than CBD at the same PH

Synergistic Entourage effect when infused together

The entourage effect is when cannabinoids act synergistically to modulate and boost the therapeutic benefits of the cannabinoids. When combining various cannabinoids not only are we boosting the effects felt, but also boosting the effects of the individual compounds. By infusing CBDA and CBD into your products you can leverage the entourage effect, and in turn boost the benefits your consumers experience.


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Our patented process harnesses the power of water to leach cannabinoids from the plant.
High quality extraction process for exceptionally pure cannabinoids in a variety of product forms

No Chemicals

No Heat

No Hydrocarbons