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Clearly Soluble (CBDA)

Unlike nano-emulsions or liposomes which form a colloidal suspension, our CLEARLY SOLUBLE water soluble products fully dissolve in water, and remain stable over time.

A revolutionary water-based process produces a thermally stable cannabinoid inclusion complex that is truly water-soluble! When mixed with water, the complex forms a true solution wherein the solvent and solute consist of a single phase. The solution will remain homogeneous and will not separate over any period of time. The solution is impervious to standard filtration and centrifugation. It transmits light and looks transparent. The proprietary complex is molecular and less than approximately 2 nm in all directions. Truly water soluble by definition!



Can be ground into a fine powder

Extremely easy to handle


product description

Truly water soluble by definition!

Clearly Soluble products can be formulated with clients? desired amount of CBDA and/or CBD, in both powder or liquid
form. Current water-soluble products include CBDA and 50/50 CBD/CBDA! Coming soon will be CBGA and CBG water
soluble inclusion complexes.


Product highlights


The Characteristics

What are the highlighted characteristic of water soluble CBDA

Interacting with Enzymes
 and Receptors

CBDA delivers its therapeutic power to the body by interacting with various receptors including COX-2 enzymes, that help to modulate inflammation, 5-HT1A receptors, that help to improve mood and nausea, and also interacts with PPARs.

Lower Doses

CBDA and CBD are closely related as CBDA is the precursor to CBD. However in many instances including reducing anxiety and depression CBDA has shown to be more beneficial and the subjects need lower doses of CBDA in comparison to CBD.

More Water Soluble

CBDA is more water soluble than CBD at the same PH

How Does The Complex Interact With Water?

Because inclusion complexes utilize non-covalent binding, they exist in equilibrium with the surrounding solvent (water). CBDA which has some intrinsic water solubility (ca. 1 mg/ml @ pH=7) shifts more CBDA into solution than CBD which will remain more included.


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Our patented process harnesses the power of water to leach cannabinoids from the plant.
High quality extraction process for exceptionally pure cannabinoids in a variety of product forms

No Chemicals

No Heat

No Hydrocarbons